Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pandas...on your DS?

Okay so I recently bought that national geographic panda games but I thought I'd share the reason why I bought it. I have a big crush on a wrestler(who sadly is retiring...he's too damn cute to retire) that I gave the pet name "Panda". So I went out to gamestop one nice February night and bought the panda game and legendary starfy(which I will talk more about in this post). The panda game is cute. I started of with a male panda that I named HBK(that's the wrestler I like's nickname in harsh reality)but other pandas will come to you. Yesterday another panda came to me. It was a female panda that I named Violet after a The Birthday Massacre album/song. You can pet the pandas, play with the pandas, dress them up, and feed them.
I haven't gotten to far the legendary starfy. It's fun but a little too easy...maybe it'll get harder as I advance.
Happy Gaming,
Ace Trainer Sammey