Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hey everyone!

Hello and welcome to my blog. I'm Ace Trainer Sammey and I'm here to post about nothing but my hobby...gaming!
I'm suppose you want to know things about me and the games I like right?
Well sorry you are NOT getting my personal info! I apologize but It's called "personal" for a reason.
As for games, I am a long time Pokemon fanatic and have played blue, most of silver, crystal(by far my favorite), Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, half of leaf green(by far the most boring), Diamond, and Platinum.
I love Final Fantasy. I would play Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core for the PSP but sadly my PSP has been malfunctioning. I'm getting Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy XII Revenant wings for the DS for Christmas.
Pet Games are cute and fun. I have Nintendogs Dalmation and Friends as well as Lab and Friends, Catz Clan, Petz Dogz Fashion, I played Petz Monkeyz for the Wii and the other two Nintendogs that I gave away(I regret that, I have to rebuy them GRR!!!), I'm getting more pet games this Christmas.
Online gaming...I have a neopets account but WoW is soooooo overrated!!! I was a Tauren in world of warcraft...I didn't like it for some reason I'm just not part of the whole WoW craze.
I looove PC Gaming like the old heroes of might and magic. Armagaddeon's blade and restoration of Earathia people non of the 3D Heroes 5 JUNK! I also have Dogz 5(I'm sooo addicted to those games)
Sims is a classic. This whole My Sims thing is pretty cool but It looks suspciouslly too much like Animal Crossing.
I love the origional animal crossing for the GC. City folk for the Wii kinda dissapointed me.
I like Tekken and Soul Calibur. Tekken tag for the ps2 and Tekken Dark ressurection for the psp are my favorites. I hated the tekken where they took out anna though. ANNA ROCKS! GET RID OF SOMEONE ELSE JUST NOT ANNA!!!!! For soul calibur 2 i play sophitia(I have a record for fastest time on extra arcade mode with sophitia), Talim, Yungsung, Raphael or Maxi. I hear on SC4 this Tira character is wicked sick. I'll have to put that game on my to play list.
Please note that I am a very open minded gamer and am willing to take suggestions.
Happy Gaming,
Ace Trainer Sammey

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