Thursday, July 1, 2010

Recent Games and such...

Turns out, I gave into Naughty Bear. Heck, I pre-ordered it and got it on the day it came out which means, woohoo, slasher bear! And I will admit it is a funny, twisted little game. Hey, if I was a teddy bear that wasn't invited to another bears party I'd do the same thing. The funniest part is this English guy who says "Total De-fulffication" and what not.
I have also been playing alot of Scenario and Arcade mode on Tekken 6. I've been playing as Lili. This is by far the most amazing Tekken. You can customize your character!!! Heh, I gave Lili pink hair. Go me! I've been able to get past most of the boss except for Steve, the blonde headed boxer. Kuma was easy, Jack-5 was moderate, but this guy, man!
Not to mention I have Bioshock now. The spilcers are cool. I love killing them right when they say "I'm a good person!". Warning!: DO NOT harvest the little sisters. My brother beat the game without sacrificing any of those glowy-eyed little girls and trust me it pays off. Use good morals and don't harvest them. 'Nuff said.
Has anyone seen the new pokemon for Black and White? I've never seen a pokemon and said "What a pretty pokemon" until I saw Reshiram. The regualar pokemon and the starters are cool as well. I want the grass type starter. I'd be willing to buy a
3DS just to play it. That's if they don't make it for the other DS models(DSi, lite, blah blah blah).
I saw that they were coming out with a second littlebigplanet today. There's this one level on littlebigplanet I am struggling with. The wedding one. This suprises me because I zipped through the two before that.
Saving up for a new PSP will be hard but it's dang worth it because Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is coming out soon. Hopefully not in September because my favorite bands new album comes out then. Kingdom Hearts is my favorite game series too.
News flash! There's a new Zelda coming out! It's called the Skyward Sword.
There's a couple new games coming out I wanna check out. Black Ops, LBP2, the new kingom hearts and zelda, as well as games I haven't tried yet and want to try.
Isn't life wonderful?
Happy gaming,

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