Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tekken 6-Online and Off

I've been a huge Tekken fan all my life. It started with Tekken Tag. I continously played as Anna and Nina. Soon, our PS2 died and I went years without Tekken. When I found my PSP I bought Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection and came across new characters like Lili(who I play as most of the time). Now I have Tekken 6. I am almost done with the scenario mode. I finally beat Steve by the way. Today was a special honor though. My brother just got XBOX Live and invited me to play Tekken 6 online. I beat the snot out of Raven. I'm not use to the 360 controls for Tekken 6 but, oh well, I won.
I'm now perfecting my skills so I can play it online on the PS3. Here's a tip for you guys. Customize your characters. Some of the items increase defense and all that.
That's all for today. I will post either later today or tommorow.
Happy Gaming,

P.S.: I'm not getting Birth by Sleep the day it comes out. I'd rather wait and see reviews. PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS! Not some whiney kid who thinks everything that doesn't involve shooting is dumb.

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